Five for Friday

… on my Saturday!

I’m sneaking this post in before I go get my nails done (yay!) and before I attempt to write out at least 8 mid-year reports this afternoon. I’m setting myself the goal so that my reports are done by the end of next week. Because our school has a crazy report-writing timetable.

Also because I won’t be home on Sunday to write any, being Mother’s Day and I intend to spend the day with my Mum!

So… on with the show!


I tried my hand at colouring pasta. It started with a vision (see below) and I spent a good hour making a mess and making beautifully coloured pasta for the classroom!


My vision – rainbows for ‘r’ week!

My 7 preps (plus 2 Grade 1s) made beautiful coloured pasta rainbows, while the 12 remaining Grade 1s made beautiful torn paper collage rainbows!

They were quite a hit with the kids (and the staff!).

They’re currently up on display in the room, and I’ll need to take  a photo once the display is complete!


A selfie… although this one has become my new image for everything – Pinterest, Facebook, blogs, Google, etc.

We had ‘R’ is for Red Day (also rubbish-free lunch day!) and I bravely wore bright red lipstick to school. Lol! I also rocked a sparkly-red Transformer t-shirt that was a hit with some of my little friends. (What you can’t see are my red skinny jeans as well!)


We made rock pets to celebrate ‘R’ week yesterday.

We had such a crazy, messed-up week, that craft options were preferable to my survival until the weekend. 😉


We also took home our cress-head friends.

The Little Smarties were very excited to watch the seeds grow and change over the week. Many of them referred to it as their jungle or rainforest, which was so cute.

Now I’m off to (re-)print my activities for next week before I run out the door!

Have a lovely weekend! xx

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