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The Little Smarties Take on the Reading Olympians Challenge

First up, let me say how fun it was to be involved in the Reading Olympians Pass the Torch linky. Seriously, we had a ball!

So now, I’ll give you a run-down on how my Little Smarties went!

I completed this lesson with 13 (out of 15) of my Grade One students while the Preps (and the extra 2 Grade Ones) attended Investigations – our Developmental Play program. We did this activity in a 90-minute session on a Friday morning.

We started our lesson by reading The Story of Greek Roots, which was included in the Jr. Reading Olympians pack that I received, on my Interactive Whiteboard (IWB). We covered Etymology, Letters & Roots, etc – and had lots of great discussions along the way. As we discussed what a word root was, we brainstormed examples on the whiteboard and my kiddos started to get a feel for what we were talking about.

Next I introduced them to the Jr. Nike Word Roots that we would be learning about:

We read the roots, discussed the meaning, and thought up examples on our chart.

Next we completed the cloze activity:

We worked together as a group on the floor, read through the vocabulary boxes and sentences and used our new knowledge to select the correct word to finish the sentences.

Some of the best words a teacher can hear were spoken during this part of the session:

One of my below-average students sat up about half-way through filling in the words, looked at me and said, “Miss Galvin, this makes sense now. I get it!” And she did know, and she kept reiterating the word roots and meanings for the rest of the day. She was so proud of herself for understanding and applying her knowledge – and so was I!

Another kiddo from my class, ever perceptive, pointed out that the more words they solved, the easier it would be to pick words towards the end. (Not a bad observation!)

When we completed the cloze I had the class read their answers to a partner to check their answers and to practise the new vocabulary.

Finally we made a start on our Jr. Nike Word Root journals, starting with aqua.

We revisited the meaning of aqua, discussed images we could use to explain the meaning and came up with words containing our word root. You can see my IWB example above – my picture was initially just waves of water… by my kiddos quite cleverly turned around and told me to draw a tap (and who am I to refuse my Little Smarties?). You can also see the crossed out “acrobat” – we had a big discussion about why we couldn’t include acrobat in our aqua words (starting with noting that it doesn’t include ‘aqua’ in the spelling!).

See below for some examples from my class’ journals:

For the rest of term (just the one extra week), I had kiddos coming up to remind what aqua meant, etc, and they were so proud of themselves.

This really is a great program with a lot of benefits. I look forward to exploring it further with my kiddos next term!

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4 thoughts on “Pass the Torch (Reading Olympians)

  1. I did the Jr. Nike set with my class as well! They loved it! I love how you wrote so fancy on your anchor chart, it really brings in the feeling of Latin and Ancient Greece! 🙂 We’re diving into the booklets next week and I can’t wait to find all the connections to the roots my kids can make!


    • Hi Nicole! Thanks for leaving a comment. Would you believe that the ‘fancy’ writing is actually how we teach handwriting in Victoria (Australia)? It really does have an old-time feel to it, but I teach it every day!

      I’m sure your kids will love the booklets – they feel so proud when they make those connections!



  2. I love reading about how much fun the kids are having with this program!! It is also amazing that these lessons are great for a short, 20 minute mini lesson or integrated into a 90 minute lesson!!

    Your kids seemed to have a lot of fun and seeing students “get it” and get excited about “getting it” is the best feeling for any teacher!!

    Thank you so much for participating and for putting together such a nice lesson!!!

    The 3AM Teacher
    Visit My FB Page


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