Five for Friday

Oh boy… it’s Friday already? One week of holidays down, one more to go…

It’s been a busy week, primarily with me catching up on movies and TV shows. So far the count is: Skyfall (dvd), A Good Day to Die Hard (cinemas), GI Joe: Retaliation (Gold Class cinema), The Following (all 11 episodes so far – OMG, new favourite show!), Leverage (season 5, last season – insert tear!), and now I’m catching up on Lost Girl. Ah… my media indulgence.

I won’t even get started on my upcoming movie loves – ’tis the year for comic book and action movies and I am in serious movie heaven!

I’m joining up with Doodlebugs Teaching for my regular Five for Friday post!


You may notice that I have started labelling some of these containers. This week, despite being on holidays, I’ve been into my classroom twice to label and catalogue EVERY book, label all their containers and attempt to make sense of my book collection. It’s going well. I’ll spend another day finishing off my non-fiction tubs for the kids next week and then organise the essentials for the first week back. On this shelf: Australian books and authors on the top shelf, chapter books on the next 2 shelves (Rainbow Magic Fairy, Billie B Brown, Geronimo Stilton, Zac Power, Leigh Hobbs and Hey Jack!), and the last shelf containers my Eric Carle, Dr Seuss, Star Wars (love!), LEGO readers, Movie/TV books and books on feelings. I’ll take a picture of the other shelf/trolley next week!


If you haven’t already picked up on it, I’m a massive comic book fan (love me some X-Men, Avengers or Batman comics) and I grew up watching action movies – love stories and dramas put me to sleep, but if something blows up it usually makes my top movies list! Anyway, I may have/deliberately/on purpose indoctrinated one of my best friends into the Avengers movies and all that fit into that universe and so she’s now obsessed with Thor (or, more specifically, Chris Hemsworth as Thor). I saw this the other day and thought of her – a Thor USB drive. I was THIS close to buying it.


I went out today to buy an engagement gift and found these adorable Easter decorations that were 50% (hello to my retail heart!) – butterfly and dragonfly clips and tiny little bunny finger puppets. These are all going to my classroom. I have a fab fake free in the classroom that I like to clip things onto, so the butterflies and dragonflies will be finding a brand new home next week!


Today I made my first batch of coloured rice! Next week I’ll be making more colours. 🙂


Finally, after shopping and dying rice, I provided to laminate up a storm.

Now I need to cut it all out. I think I’ll do that while watching Skyfall again tonight.

It’s good to be on holidays…!

And, on a TpT-ish note, this morning I uploaded a brand new math activity: Print and Go – Numbers All ‘Round

Click on the image above to see it in my TpT store!

Really simple activity using the very familiar +1, +10/-10, -1 squares. BLMs, no fancy clipart – it’s designed to be printer-friendly, black and white and ready to use quickly. There are miniature recording sheets for students (4 per page) to save on paper. Alternatively, laminate or stick them in a plastic pocket and use whiteboard markers.

My Grade 1s will be hitting number patterns, place value and basic operations in a BIG way this term, so this was made in anticipation.

 That’s all from me tonight, folks! Tomorrow you’ll see a post about my participation in the Pass the Torch linky, which I’m very excited about!

Can’t wait to see what you’ve all been up to this week in your Five for Friday posts!

10 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. What did you use to colour your rice Stephanie? maybe i’ll do some in my holidays – 1 week to go in NSW and counting!


    • I used rubbing alcohol (Isocol, which I found at Coles in the medical isle) and gel food colouring – although I would imagine you could use normal liquid food colouring as well. I used about a tablespoon and a half of the rubbing alcohol and as much food colouring as I wanted and half a cup of rice, all in a zip lock bag. Then just shake and put in a warm dry place. 🙂

      It was pretty quick to make, which is nice!


  2. What did you think of the new Die Hard movie? Am interested to know….. Skyfall was brilliant, hey? Javier Bardem, Daniel Craig, Judy Dench and Albert Finney were just brilliant!!!


    • Love Skyfall!

      I enjoyed the new Die Hard – I remember seeing a review of it and the reviewer commented that it was farfetched (but aren’t all the Die Hard films)? If you’re a fan of the series and a fan of action movies it’s definitely worth seeing. Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney were great together.


  3. I love that your pile of laminating resembles mine – I’m paying my little brother to cut mine out for me tomorrow because I just cannot be bothered haha

    I absolutely LOVE coloured rice! What are you going to use it for?

    Your Library area looks amazing – I am so jealous! I can’t get into my classroom over the holidays but if I were allowed, I would be attempting to organise my book collection also. I am struggling to decide whether to organise by levels or genre. Do you find it takes the kids a while to find a suitable book either way?


    • I’m thinking about using the rice for Literacy – I’m thinking spelling sight words, handwriting practise, etc. I’ve got quite a few tactile learners.

      I’m going to do a post on how I organised my classroom library, but I’ve tried to keep it as simple as I can. I stuck to genre (mostly) because I think it’s important for my kids to experience books at different levels. That said I have a big collection of sight word/alphabet/levelled readers that I’ve kept separate specifically for use during Literacy activities. My kids are pretty good at picking books, but are rather lousy at putting them back in the right spot (hence my massive overhaul of the library!).


      • The rice for handwriting sounds like a great idea. I’ve got a jar of rice in my room with the Golden Words hidden in it – the kids love searching for the words.

        Your library looks great – I look forward to seeing your post about how you have organised it. I like the idea of having the kids exposed to many different levels – at the moment I only have a standing shelf of picture books and the rest are all leveled but I think I would much rather have some more picture books in there. Mine are all just on the shelf though with absolutely no organisation haha


        • I sympathise with the no organisation – my bookshelves were completely disorganised for 3 years! It takes time to build up a book collection. I wish I had more ‘levelled’ books – but I’m too addicted to picture books!


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