High/Low Linky

Ah… Term break is upon me! I’m so excited to have the next 2 weeks off.

I don’t have exciting personal plans (I officially have no life to speak of), but I do have grand plans to organise my classroom, my classroom library, update my files before my PRP next term and get as much photocopying done over the holidays as possible before my school commences the photocopying audit (blargh!).

But, to kick off my holidays, I’ll start with a linky party!

Today I’m linking up with Katie from Teacher to the Core for her High/Low Linky Party.


I’ve dedicated myself to being Isla’s (cute little thing as she is) Fairy Bookmother – because I’ve already given her 4+ books and will continue to give her books for as long as her Mum lets me (lol!).

In regards to the low point – I’m always my worst enemy. Some  times it just blows out of control, and that was definitely one of those months. I’m slowly digging myself out, though. Seeing my bestie and her baby certainly helped (sometimes you just need to talk to the people who know you best!).

Also, my day was totally enhanced by coming home to discover that I’d won Melinda’s blog birthday giveaway! Super excited to receive the fab prizes that were up for grabs.

Okie doke – I will be back tomorrow with my Five for Friday post, and hopefully a few freebies, on Good Friday.

10 thoughts on “High/Low Linky

    • Thanks so much, Susan! I’m ok – I just get very down-in-the-dumps at times. Thankfully it never lasts long, though. The one thing that never gets me down are the wonderful connections I’ve made with teachers online, so that’s always a highlight for me.


  1. Yeah new babies are the best! It’s so great to squeeze them and love on them all day then send them back and get a quiet nights sleep!

    Stop being your enemy and start loving on yourself! We all get in the dumpster from time to time and we need to remember to focus on the positive and the fabulousness of oneself! Hang in there! ((Hugs))
    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade


  2. I have never heard of a Fairy Bookmother before and I LOVE the idea. I always give a big basket of books as the gift at any baby shower I attend. It must be a teacher thing! I hope your spirits lift soon. Keep your chin up, Stacy @ http:new-in-room-202.blogspot.com


    • LOL! I love my self-imposed Fairy Bookmother moniker because I’m the first person to give books to others and I’ve got the biggest classroom book collection in my school. I love, love, love sharing books with others, so it’s a perfect title for me. It’s definitely got to be a teacher thing (and my friend’s a teacher, too, so she finds it hysterical!).

      Thanks for stopping by, Stacy!


  3. Thank you for joining my linky. I love that you are going to be the baby’s fairy bookmother! How cute are you.

    I hear you on the low… I really do. I am my own worst enemy as well…. My inner voice is often quite harsh and demanding…. Keep you chin up.

    You are enough.



    • Thanks so much, Katie. It’s a great linky that you have going and I’m thrilled to join in!

      Thanks for your comments as well. The biggest thing for me at the moment is that I can admit that I’m my own worst enemy and that I know what I’m doing and to try and work from that. My online community is a big part of my life and where I find a lot of support, which has been fantastic. So thank you!

      I appreciate you stopping by!


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