Sunday Showcase

I’ve had a blissfully uneventful weekend, with lots of Easter activities being printed/laminated/cut into pieces, plus a little bit of a blog facelift (more work still to be done, but I’m taking baby steps here!).

As it draws to a close (ahh… Sundays, why do you come around so quickly?), I’m enjoying a strawberry & lime cider (yum!) and watching Leverage. Ah, how I love Leverage! Watching my favourite episode so far – The Girls’ Night Out Job.

As I do that, though, I’ll start what I hope to be a new weekly post – The Sunday Showcase.

The Sunday Showcase will feature great free items that I find throughout the week. I hope that some of them will be new to you – and that you find some fantastic new material. If you have a fantastic freebie that you’d like me to feature, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll be sure to add in the following week!

On with the show…!

I mentioned this earlier this month when my class were making Pink Penguins while celebrating the letter ‘p’.

Sarah Cooley’s (of First Grader… at Last!) craftivity is a fun addition to any unit or lesson using Lynn Rickard’s book Pink – teaching us that being different is ok. This craft is super-cute and super-easy. Click on the image above to download this great freebie from TeachersPayTeachers!

I love this freebie – because it’s something I already do with my kiddos… but in a much cuter format (thanks Bubbly Blonde Teacher)!

This great for when students are reflecting on their progress and identifying future goals.

This is a fabulous little freebie from Jamie Skrip!

This year I’ve completely fallen in love with brain breaks (mostly because I have a few little kiddos who really need them). Lots of fun ideas in here!

If you do download any of these freebies, remember to leave some feedback for their creators – everyone loves feedback!

For everyone going back to work tomorrow (my Southern Hemisphere friends) – have a great week! For all my Northern Hemisphere friends, enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

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