Five for Friday and Friday Freebie(s)!

Oh my goodness, I’m SO happy this week is over. I cannot believe how tired I am! Planning week sure takes its toll!

I’m glad I have a whole weekend of NOTHING planned. Just rest and relax before the last week of term.

But it’s Friday, and that means…


On Saturday night I actually went out (shock! horror!) and had a lovely dinner with friends and then saw The Woo-Hoo Revue play at The Speigeltent, currently located at Melbourne’s Arts Centre. Great night out. Probably shouldn’t have worn my heels – my feet were so cramped by the end of the night (or, should I say, by the wee hours of the morning…)!


On Sunday evening my Mum and I went to see Cirque du Soleil’s Ovo, playing down at the Docklands. This is my 2nd Cirque du Soleil exprience this year (I saw O in Las Vegas), and my Mum’s first, and it was awesome. Mu Not only were all the performances AMAZING, but it was such a fun atmosphere. Mum and I had fun browsing the souvenirs. I’m such a sucker for show artefacts. We both bought gorgeous handbags (must take a photo of mine), taking my total Cirque handbags up to 2, plus CDs and programs and a glowing egg that’s my new “Teacher is Busy” signal for Reading Groups.

Plus, Mum and I decided that we will see Cirque du Soleil whenever they’re in town from now on.


My kiddos (ok, my Preps) were practising counting to 10 this week. Bright pipe-cleaners, coloured star beads = LOVE!


Finally changed out my thematic book stand – we’re well-prepared for the last week of Term!


Finally, today the Preps (all 7 of them) and I celebrated our Letter/Sound of the Week – N – by making these fabulous headbands from The Moffat Girls. (‘Scuse the photo – I’m so not talented at the self-photos on the iPhone!) Unfortunately, my Grade 1s were a teensy bit jealous… so we’ll ALL be making headbands next week for Easter!

Today while we were celebrating the number 10 I was spontaneously making up variations on Ten Little Indians with my kiddos.

Thus, I have to seasonal (well, one of them’s Aussie seasonal) variations for you!

Click on the images to download the posters from TpT.

Freebie Fridays

Finally, I’d love to hear from you:

What was the best moment of your week?

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