Five for Friday

I’ll preface this post with saying… this has been a truly horrendous week. Yes, there were great little moments – although they were few and far between. So, this post will be a pretty simple recap of the good moments, so that I can go crawl under the covers and hide for the weekend.

#1 – We finished our Pink Penguins (and finally got them on display). We read Pink! by Lynn Rickards, and made this adorable craft, which you can download as a freebie from Sarah Cooley here.

#2 – One of my kiddos made me a pretty little bracelet. It’s now part of my classroom-wear.

#3 – On Wednesday we had our Teddy Bear Picnic, and we wrote our own teddy stories (in the fashion of Brown Bear, Brown Bear). I just love this page from one of my boys, whose Teddy Bear saw a T-Rex! Love the illustration.

#4 – Every Thursday afternoon I take a group of students who don’t attend religious instruction and run a Values Education program. This week were discussed friendship and the important friends in our life and how we show them how much they mean to us. I didn’t get any photos of their drawings, so unfortunately you get my… mediocre attempt!

#5 – Pete the Cat arrived in the classroom to my kiddos’ absolute delight. They’re begging for him to be added to the reading corner collection of toys. (I’m holding out, though – he’s too cute!)

And, as he has perfect timing, I’m going to try and learn from the wonderful Pete the Cat and put this horrible week behind me:

No tears. Keep on walking and singing your song!

(I’ll try!)

2 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. Oh no! Although I must say my week was up there with the worst too! I am looking forward to hiding away all weekend! It must have been the moon! Hope you have a restful weekend…..



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