Five for Friday!

Were anyone else’s kids completely CHATTY this week? I honestly don’t think some of my kiddos stopped to take a breath for an entire week. (I confess to still being a little frazzled from this week.)

Anyway, time for the weekly Five for Friday!


I made my very first ball of tissue-paper cuteness! I have grand plans for changing up the Prep bulletin board next term (yes, I am planning THAT far ahead) when we do our unit on Change and creating a Lorax-inspired design. It was so quick and easy to do (and it’s still floating around my room!)!

Ah… if only I could hang these things from my classroom ceiling… silly motion sensors. 😦


I started Morning Messages on the IWB this week, and on Wednesday (when I only had my Grade 1s for the day), we had our first go at sounding out CVC words on the board. Lots of great attempts, and a few that leave me puzzled… but great for teaching opportunities and the kids (and their parents!) loved it!



You know I love books. I stopped by the local AllBooks4Less yesterday and all of these books were 2 for $5. I ended up with 14 fab books to cover topics from Halloween and Winter, onomatopoeia and friendship, and great books in the I Wonder Why series that the kiddos and I used to explore question marks and questioning today in the classroom. (Plus the requisite books for the kiddos like Fancy Nancy and Paddington!)


This is part of the bulletin board that is being constructed by the Preps during Investigation (Developmental Play) time. A crinkly tree with cellophane  leaves and collage apples.

My team leader and I had fun putting it up!


Meet my classes new handwriting bags. The kiddos and I put them together this afternoon and road-tested them as well.

Each student has a large zip-lock baggie with a mini-whiteboard, a laminated sheet that has our Victorian Modern Cursive handwriting font for tracing and dotted thirds for practising writing on the other side, a name card for the them to continue to practise correct letter formation and comparative size of letters, a whiteboard marker and a piece of Chux Magic Eraser to clean their board and laminated sheets.

They were SO excited – and when they got to practise with their OWN bag they were the quietest they’ve been all week!

I’m planning to include a little tub of play dough to do basic warm-up exercises for their little fingers, plus a plastic pocket to hold any paper copies of handwriting that we do.

And that’s my Five for Friday!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the announcement of the winner of my giveaway!

What tool/trick do you have that your students LOVE?

3 thoughts on “Five for Friday!

  1. Love the handwriting bags! Where did you get the font with the arrows from (for their names)? I’ve done a similar thing this year by making name handwriting books in vic font that we use everyday but I love that this saves paper


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