Five for Friday

Does anyone else feel like their constantly treading water just to keep their head above the waterline?

Today was such a strange week, and I’m sort of confused as to what I’ve achieved, what I haven’t achieved and what I need to do. It’s very bizarre.

But, anyway, on to my Five for Friday:

5. Saturday day (and night) was spent laminating and cutting out signs and activities for the week. (Typically, I didn’t even get to the activities that I laminated. Can’t wait to use them, though – they’re a great set of pop-stick bundling activities by From the Pond!)

4. One of my very best friends is only a few weeks away from welcoming her first child into the world and we had celebrated at her baby shower on Sunday. Lots of great food, great company, and lots of baby stuff. My favourite part was decorating a onesie for the baby (see below) and giving lots and lots of gifts. (And I even guessed, within a centimetre, the width of my bestie’s tummy! Sadly I kept imagining a meter ruler and whether or not it would wrap around her – such a teacher!) Also… don’t you love the Minnie Mouse outfit! I saw it when I was in Disneyland and HAD to buy it (and a little Minnie Mouse plush) for baby!

3. I made these games 6 months ago after spotting something similar on Pinterest or a blog(can’t remember where, sorry!) and have had them sitting in my office for the entire six months! Finally bound them the other day and am ready to put them into maths rotations and an easy access place for students during wet (or hot) day timetables!

2. We (my Grade 1s, while my Preps had the day off) made these cute little iPhones for Valentine’s Day on Wednesday. I was fortunate enough a little while ago to win a copy of Foxwell Forest’s iHold You in My Heart pack. It’s such a great pack and my kids adored this activity. One of my firsties explained to me why she was making the Valentine for her brother – “Because his iPad screen is cracked and he can use this one instead!” Precious!

1. So, anyone who lives in Victoria knows about the industrial action being taken by Government teachers. Our school is lucky enough to be united in this action and we had our stopwork on Thursday. Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m the last person to get involved in politics, because I can’t stand it, but I do believe in standing up for your rights and at the moment teachers are getting a very raw deal from the State government. Sigh. I’ll leave it at that. Well… not quite. I do have to share with you one of the signs to our Premier, Ted Ballieu:

I wish I could think of witty things to put on signs, but alas I’m relegated to loving other people’s creativity!

So that concludes my Five for Friday.

How was your week?

4 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. The onesie is Super cute! I’ve been wanting to make a Boggle Board for my classroom since before school started….it’s almost March and I am just finishing it. 🙂
    Diving Into 2nd Grade


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