Five for Friday & Freebie Friday

It’s my first time linking up with Five for Friday (I blame being overseas!). What a great way to review the week that’s been!

1. My new nails (done by the very talented Nancy!). They’re bright, fun and very Summer. Plus, my nails actually have a bit of length on them, which definitely won’t last once school starts back, but for now they make me happy!

2. My new classroom name tags for bag lockers and chair bags! I was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest aaaaages ago, and now I can’t find the original post. 😦 Can someone help me, because I so don’t want to take credit for these – the original poster is my hero!

3. So, while I was in Disneyland I found this hat (it lights up and changes colour based on sound frequency/etc). I had to buy it… and then I came up with a completely plausible reason for having it (and yes, I did it in that order!) – it’s my new bright idea  hat. Whenever one of my lovely students shares a fabulous idea – one of those great ‘aha’ moments, etc – they’ll be able to turn on the Mickey Mouse ears and feel proud of their bright idea! (A little cheesy, but I love myself some Disney-inspiration!)

4. While browsing through my Writing board on Pinterest, I stumbled back across this pin from Teaching with Love and Laughter. Because my goal, this year, is to have a Writing table near my word wall, I made up some topics to write about cards. They’re super-cute and I can’t wait to put them up in my room!

5. I spent ALL of today attempting to sort out my classroom ready for next week. It’s all set up – I still have LOTS of organisation to do, but I’m pretty happy with how it looks at the moment. Can’t wait to have some student work to put up on my rainbow wall! See my panorama view below (look at how tiny my room is!):

It’s scary to think how quickly the holidays have gone. I only have 3 more days of (Sat/Sun/Mon) before starting work again on Tuesday! We have 2 pupil-free days (meetings, planning and professional development sessions are held on these 2 days).

Then my Grade 1s starts on Thursday and my Preps start on Friday. (And yes, that’s a teeny bit frustrating for me. Sigh.)

Can’t wait to have my whole class together, though! They’re a beautiful group of kids and I’m predicting that we’re going to have a great year!

Click above to download from TpT.

7 thoughts on “Five for Friday & Freebie Friday

  1. What a great classroom, Steph! It’s so colourful! Your room looks so new and modern. I am in a room that is about 50 years old. Its had paint jobs over the years but it is still old and tired. I think I’m jealous.
    Have a great first week back.

    Classroom Fun


    • Thanks so much, Rhonda. I’m very lucky – it is a new classroom (was brand new last year), and despite the lack of storage space, is a beautiful room to work in. My old room sounds exactly like the one you described, so I can sympathise a bit.

      Enjoy your first week as well!


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