Directions for Santa

Intellectually, I know that December is a crazy month and that I should expect it every year… but every year it seems to get crazier!

It’s hard to believe that in 12 (school days) I’ll be saying goodbye to my class of Prep and Grade 1 students. Some of these students I’ve taught for the last two years and they’ll all be moving up to Grade 1/2 classes in another building. It makes me somewhat nostalgic!

Next year (starting on January 31st) I’ll be teaching a brand new collection of students in another Prep/Grade 1 class. First term will be veeeery interesting (again)! So far I’ve met 6 (out of 7) of the incoming prep students and we’re finalising the rest of the classes so I’ll meet my Grade 1s on December 12th.

Anyway… we’re well into our Christmas-themed activities (primarily because we really only have next week as a normal school week – last week is full up with school events, class parties, meeting new classes, etc).

Today we started my FAVOURITE Christmas activity. It was one of the activities that my teaching team gave me in my first year of teaching (3 years ago!) and I just love it. It’s called Directions for Santa (and it’s available in my Christmas Time is Coming pack).

First, as a class we brainstormed all the places Santa would need to stop on his way to their house on Christmas. (Please excuse my drawing and handwriting…)

Now, every year the responses I get vary  – last year my preps were very realistic (they put their friends’ houses, shopping centers, world locations, etc). This year was SO different. My Grade 1s were excitedly coming up with ‘Santa stops’ – Present Word, Sleigh Workshop, Candy Cane World, the Sack Workshop, Santa’s Airport, etc. It was so cute! They really had fun with it, which was brilliant.

Next I modelled on the IWB how to start creating a map for Santa. (Note the important Apple store stop!)

We talked a lot about including clear labels for each stop so that Santa knew exactly were to go.

Check out some of their ideas!

Aren’t they great!

We have an accompanying writing task to go with it that we’ll complete tomorrow, writing out the directions.

If you like this activity you can find plenty more in my pack – just click below to see it on TpT!

What is YOUR favourite Christmas activity to do with your students?

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