Remembrance Day

I was planning a proper update today, but I’m going to be busy writing an expression of interest for my job next year, so this post will be brief and hopefully I’ll have time to update tomorrow after school!

Yesterday was Remembrance Day here in Australia.

I believe that it’s important to talk about what that means, even with my little students in Prep and Grade 1.

As a school we celebrated Remembrance Day last Friday, but I didn’t have a lot of time with my students to actually talk about what that meant. So, that’s what we discussed this morning.

It was a fascinating conversation to have with 5-7 year olds. They really were quite perceptive and asked some great questions and weren’t afraid of the topic. I was so proud of them!

Afterwards we created a Remembrance Day poppy display:

This activity was inspired by That Artist Woman’s P is for Poppy” project.

I adapted it for easy classroom use!

We painted coffee filters on Friday afternoon (in a mad rush!) using red food dye and water. Today we cut out green card for grass and black card for the stems, and folded our coffee filters into poppy flowers and added some black marker detail. Finally we unscrambled our message – We will remember them. 

They did such a fabulous job.

I hope everyone else has a wonderful start to the week!

5 thoughts on “Remembrance Day

  1. Thanks so much for creating this post. I really like how you added in the literacy with the sentence cut up. This will be perfect for my kindergarten children.


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