Crazy & Rockin’ Teachers Giveaway

It’s such a crazy week this week! We have the official opening of our Building the Education Revolution (B.E.R.) building on Thursday and we’ve been madly preparing our school and classrooms for the event. We’ve got lots of people coming to have a look as well, which is great!

(Will definitely put on my IWB to showcase the work that my Little Smarties have been doing!)

I also had a great refresher PD on Running Records for informing teaching reading. It was really fascinating to sit down with the P-2 team and go through it and clarify our understandings and collaboratively assess an example RR. I took so much away from it – I’ll have to share some thoughts here at a later date!

But I have some more giveaway news to share – it’s such great fun being involved in these things, so I hope that you’ll indulge me a little longer!


The lovely Hilary from Rockin’ Teacher Materials is hosting a great giveaway with over $170 worth of products up for grab, including my Label the Superheroes (Pack 1):

Click on Hilary’s banner or the link above to join in the giveaway fun!

I’m approaching 3,000 visitors to this blog… I’m considering running a giveaway. If people are interested I’ll put up a post later this week to invite contributors!

I hope your week is going well!

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