Currently: October Edition!

I’m linking up to Farley’s Currently October edition.

I had a fabulous day today catching up with my good friend, Ellen.

We were planning and booking extra bits and pieces for our trip to the USA over New Year. So it was very exciting and the closer it gets the more excited I’m getting.

I can’t wait to visit the States again. I loved it the first time and I know I’ll enjoy it just as much this time around. (I just wish I had more time/money to spend there…)

Tomorrow I’m planning on doing the aforementioned filing (well, some of it, perhaps) before school starts back on Monday. I’m also hoping to get a head start on some Halloween decorations so I’m not madly rushing the week before Halloween.

I’m planning to do more spiderweb again this year – I loved it so much last year. Might keep it around for the whole week this time.

Do you have big holiday plans this year?


8 thoughts on “Currently: October Edition!

  1. Stefanie,
    Hello from San Antonio Texas. I’m the retired educator that wrote to you a few months back. Love the spider web on your classroom floor. Also see you have connected with Ms. Farley. She is one dynamic teacher. Farley’s mother and I worked together at Fort Sam Houston Independent School District years ago. This world is getting smaller every day!
    See you are planning a trip to the states. Any chance you will visiting San Antonio TX? If you do, my wife and I would be delighted to be your official tour guides to our beautiful city.
    Since following your blog and seeing you enjoy picture books, I have intended to send you a couple of picture books but procrastination as been the rule of the day. My wife has written a couple of books for young children and I would love to share them with you. They do have an Australian connect in that the illustrator is living in Adelaide SA. Should I send them to your school in Melbourne?
    Hats off to you for your service to children and the wonderful teaching profession!
    Rich Cantrell


    • Hi Rich,

      That’s the wonderful thing about blogging – connecting with other people! Thanks for stopping by my blog again – it’s great to hear from you.

      Unfortunately I won’t be visiting San Antonio this time around. I’m only there for a few weeks (over our Summer break), but I hope to make more trips in the future and see more of the States. Thank you so much for the offer though.

      I honestly don’t know what to say, about your offer to send some picture books. That’s beyond kind. I would love to read your wife’s books (and share them with my class) if you’re sure that it’s not too much trouble? You can definitely send them to my school in Melbourne (Heidelberg Primary School). Would you like me to email you the address?

      Thanks again, this comment and offer has really made my holidays. I have the best job in the world and I feel very privileged to be able to do what I do. So thank you, very much!



  2. I am stopping over from October Currently!! My custodian would freak if I put tape on the floor like that!! But I love the idea! I have always wanted to try the soda stream, but I haven’t found a place that has been sampling the stuff to see if it is worth it for out household!

    I am your newest follower!



  3. Thanks so much for linking up and I see Mr cantrell contacted you••• he and his wife are amazing and generous people!!!! You will love the books•••• I have them all!!!


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