Website Wednesday – Spelling City

Part of my grand plan to post more regularly is to have themes for my days of the week, and post along the lines of those themes.

As you can see by my title, today is Website Wednesday. My goal for Wednesdays will be to share a website resource that I find beneficial in my classroom.

Today’s website highlight is not new to many of you, but it’s certainly something that has greatly motivated my students (particularly) over the last term.

Spelling City, for those of you who don’t know this great site, is a website that allows you to upload spelling lists (attached to your teacher name) and publish them online for your students to access. (They also have pre-made spelling lists, too.)

It’s free to sign up. (Seriously, free is my favourite word!)

There is a paid option, which gives you access to more games and activities and the ability to add students and track their activities and results.

However, despite whether you want to pay or not, there are GREAT spelling games available to make learning to spell fun and engaging for your students.

Hands down, my students’ favourite spelling game is HangMouse (which is available with the free account). It’s essentially HangMan, only with a cute mouse trying to steal cheese from a sleeping cat. It has great sound effects and animation that my students love, and it’s fantastic to see how my students start thinking about which letters to choose and how they can build words.

Another activity that they really enjoy is Alphabetise – which is a skill we practise regularly in the classroom. (Although, apparently everything is more fun when you can do it on a computer or iPad!) It does exactly what it’s marketed as, and students put their spelling words into alphabetical order.

Letterfall is another great game (one from the paid account) and students catch the letters to make their spelling words. This one features the cat and mouse again!

Then there are more traditionally activities including TeachMeFlashcards and Spelling Tests (among many, many more!).

Spelling City is usually part of my Grade 1’s spelling homework each week. This term it will form part of their Word Work each week, and my Preps will also be getting their usernames and passwords and practising high frequency words. Because I was using it for homework, and because I wanted to be able to track who was using it and what they were doing and how they were going, I shelled out some money for the paid option. However, if you don’t care about those details then it’s not essential.

It’s a great little resource that I’m glad I found through all my wonderful online colleagues!

Do you use SpellingCity? How have you found it? What are your favourite activities?

What other websites you like using for spelling?

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