Freebie: BOO! for Sight Words

The lovely Mel over at Graphics from the Pond, is holding a linky party for products using her super-cute Little Friendly Ghosts clipart. Typically, I could not refuse!

As such, I’ve actually got a product now listed at Teachers Pay Teachers.

download (free)

It is a simply little sight word recognition game using Pre-school and Kindergarten (Prep-equivalent) Dolch sight word lists. It contains a total of 92 sight words, plus a collection of BOO! cards.

How to play:

Students take turns selecting a card (from a bag, container or face-down pile on the table). Each student must read their sight word in order to keep it. If they are unable to read it, it is returned to the bottom of the pile.

Interspersed throughout the pile are BOO! cards. If a student selects a BOO! card, they must return all their cards back to the pile.

Alternative ways to play:

Print multiple copies of each sheet and play Memory.

More capable students can put the words they select into a sentence.

Have students record the words they select on mini-whiteboards, on paper/in notebooks, etc.


My class loves playing sight word games – POP! for Sight Words is one of their first requests whenever they have the opportunity to choose a class game.(Even my Grade 1s, who can easily read the words, enjoy playing it time and time again. I love how they adapt the rules to make it ‘harder’ – i.e. if you get a word wrong you miss a turn!)

I think this will be  a fun way to keep a familiar concept and change the theme – especially with Halloween not too far away. My class has been planning Halloween since the start of the year (and yes, I know we’re in Australia – I think we’re going to try and do a fundraiser for our school this year). I’ll probably add more words at a later date.

So… a big THANK YOU, Mel, for such wonderful clipart!

What games do your students enjoy playing?

2 thoughts on “Freebie: BOO! for Sight Words

  1. Hi Stef, sometimes I wish that I had my prep/one class for more than one 50 minute lesson a week, so that I could get to know them better. However, I know that they do seem to love playing computer games. One site that we like is Have you seen that one. They can create simple word clouds, fridge magnets, online colouring in etc. Thanks for commenting on my Dot Day project. I liked what I did as I only have them for that 50 mins and we could easily create a dot in that time. However, if I would have them for longer, I like the idea in the Scratch project where they could create dots using natural materials from the outdoors etc. Would love to see what you come up with. So please share when you do.


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