The Big VistaPrint Collection

So… most of you know I’ve developed an obsession a LOVE of VistaPrint items. Well, I went a bit nuts with free items and discounted image uploads a while ago and picked up even more stuff and just paid the shipping. I got quite creative this time and have lots of new things for my classroom.

I saw that Christina from Bunting, Books and Bainbridge started a Linky Party and I decided to finally post my recently acquired cool things and join in!


This last banner is destined to be chopped up into 4 sections, including a header for my future Warm Fuzzies display, Dr Seuss quotes for the reading area, and teaching and learning superpower affirmations.


Blank business cards to use for lucky dips/etc (write student names on them and choose out of a basket and the like).

A calling card from the Desk Fairy!


Car Magnet, repurposed for motivation!

XL Photo Magnet… replacing my old laminated 5 Star Writing chart. It looks FABULOUS in the classroom.

More mini magnets promoting the classroom blog.




To match our classroom chart! My students each took one home to remind them to practise!

A cute little maths game for my kids to take home soon.

Oversized postcards for Book Reviews.


My kids LOVE the first stamp – they’re amazed that it says my name!


I have 280 of these stickers (2 orders). They’re great!

I am quite addicted. But it’s too much fun!

Head over to Bunting, Books and Bainbridge to see over great VistaPrint ideas!

2 thoughts on “The Big VistaPrint Collection

    • I couldn’t think of anything I needed one whole banner for! Even now my VistaPrint obsession sees me going… ooh, discounts, must make more… (only I’m not sure what I need – lol!).

      Thanks for hosting the Linky Party!



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