Happy 1st Birthday, Blog!

It’s almost hard to believe that it’s a year (to the day) that I officially started blogging as a teacher.

And, despite my recent slowness in posting and updating, it’s something that I intend to keep up with, as regularly as my schedule will allow, because (just like other online tools) it’s changed the way I teach.

In my defence, I’ve been keeping up with my class blog – and have quite a few Grade 1s commenting at home on their own now, which is fantastic. I’ve also had to juggle quite a bit, professionally, trying to wrap my head around teaching a Prep/1 class while keeping parents, colleagues and (most importantly) students happy. (I think I’m getting there… it’s only taken half a year!)

What are the important things I’ve learnt in the past year?

  • There is an AMAZING network of teachers online – all of whom want to share and learn alongside their colleagues. We’re no longer limited to the physical staff room – the world is our staff room and we can learn so much from so many people, all over the world.
  • Kids love technology (okay… I knew that one already.) Change it to: kids love technology for a purpose. Give them a tool to play with – and they’ll play with it. Give them a tool with a purpose and they’ll go places you never expected them to go.
  • The (free) online tools for classrooms are endless – and all it takes is a bit of searching (and networking with others) to find what you need.
  • Inspiration comes in many forms – a lot of which can be unexpected. But inspiration is what drives me. The day I stop being inspired by teaching is the day I need to stop teaching. (Same goes for being inspired by my kiddos.)
  • I can teach Prep/1, running 50 minutes sessions. It’s not easy, and it can be a bit of juggling act, but I have managed to do it! (Yay!)


It’s probably not all I’ve learnt, but it’s a good list.

I do have some plans for other blog posts during the holidays, most notably a post to discuss classroom uses of Talking Points (or Talking Lids), and also one on my proposed Blog Cafe for my classroom.

Originally I did have a (silent) goal of achieving 1000 blog visitors by the end of my first year. I mucked that up by falling behind in posts. Hopefully I achieve that goal pretty soon.

So… happy birthday, blog! You’ve been wonderful and I know we’ll go on to learn many more things together! Cheers!

What have you learnt in the past year that has changed or inspired your teaching?

P.S. Soon I will be immortalised (ha!) in clip-art form with my very own clip-art persona from the very talented, Nikki from Melonheadz Illustrating! I’m rather excited – can’t wait to share it here!

One thought on “Happy 1st Birthday, Blog!

  1. Happy 1st Birthday Stef!

    This is very exciting, I still have a couple of months until my first blogging birthday!

    There are so many things I have learnt this year that have changed and inspired me as a teacher.

    The number on thing would be , as you know, Evernote. I am not sure how I used to get by without it!

    It is important to note the impact that Twitter has had on my professional development. I find twitter to be an amazing resource and a wonderful place to share and learn from others.

    Lots of luck in your next year of blogging!




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