Time flies…

… when you’re insanely busy!

The last month has just FLOWN by in a jumble of starting school, juggling Prep and Grade 1 curriculum, Prep Picnics, Parent/Teacher Interviews, Dr Seuss week and so many other things. (I’m ignoring the school photos happening on Monday!)

I’ve let so much slide – this blog, Twitter (so sorry, I’m coming back!). I’m just SO exhausted right now. Who would have thought teaching Preps and Grade 1s would be so tiring? Ok, so I knew some of what I was getting into – but I still feel like a bit of yo-yo constantly going backwards and forwards between the preps and ones.

That said, they all settled really well, and we’re working well as a class – and I’ve gotten such nice feedback on my students’ behaviour from specialist teachers. This is, so far, the most stable group of classroom personalities and dynamics that I’ve had. So, despite the yo-yo effect and exhaustion, I’m really very happy.

I thought I’d share some of the things we’ve done in class:

Because I’ve become shamelessly addicted to Pinterest and everyone’s super-fantastic ideas, here’s the credit for some of the above activities:

1. Love Bugs

2. O is for Octopus (Preps)

3. Let’s Generate Questions (Babbling Abby) and Question Words

4. Start Up Learning Program – What our classroom looks/feels/sounds like Y-chart

5. Days of School counters (Prep and Grade 1)

6. Door sign to my classroom (LOVE my Cricut machine for cutting out letters)

7. E is for Elmer, sentence sort (Preps)

8. Short A Real Word/Silly Word sort (Babbling Abby) (Grade 1s)

9. Grammar Pies (Grade 1s – made by my awesome team member, Alex!)

10/11. Ii is for Igloo (Preps)

12. Part of my reading corner and the Grade 1s’ book covers for Daisy All-Sorts (Pamela Allen)

13. Odd and Even street (Grade 1s, odd and even numbers)


I might have to do a second post tomorrow to share some of the activities we did last week – my Dr. Seuss themed week. It was so much fun!

 Also… totally missed this milestone – I’ve had over 1,000 visitors to this blog! How cool! Thanks to everyone who has visited!

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