My First Day in Grade 1


Today was my first day as a Grade 1 teacher.

(Okay, so I’m a Prep/1 teacher, but I only had my Grade 1s on their first day of school today. My preps start on Monday.)

I have to say, a class with only 8 students is pure heaven. I’m not sure how I’ll cope next Monday when my class size jumps back up to normal! (And I do hope my absent Grade 1s also show up on Monday, too.)

This week has been one loooong week.

We finally received a certificate of occupancy for our BER building yesterday, the day before students started. I’d been in to work Monday and Tuesday, all the staff officially started on Wednesday (no time to work on my room), planning on Thursday and Grade 1s-6s started today, and a week of very long working days… and I’m exhausted.

But it’s a relief for our school to finally have space again, especially for the students. We teachers are bemoaning the lack of storage and air-conditioning in the building, but at least we’re inside the building, even if the last classroom was completed today.

Despite that, I had a brilliant time with my Ones – found some great activities via Teachers Pay Teachers and Babbling Abby to do with them. They really responded well and got along together. We did a tour of the school first thing in the morning and had a very relaxed day… until we were kicked out of classroom by the guys fixing the IWBs and then we christened the open learning space in the middle of our building (which was obscenely large for the 9 of us). But, being a small group, we had a lot of flexibility.

We took fun portraits of each other (for display later on) with our ‘First Day’ frame (above – inspired by this pin on Pinterest). We did some brainstorming activities and we made ‘How to be a successful Grade One’ backpacks.

I hope everyone had a wonderful start to the school year!




3 thoughts on “My First Day in Grade 1

  1. Hi Stef,

    Your BER complaints sound exactly like ours and we also had a very drawn out process to get the certificate of occupancy!

    Anyway, I’m sure you’ll make the most of your space. I’d love to be in the BER. Let’s just hope there aren’t too many stinking hot days for you!

    A class of 8 sure would be heaven! Nice way to ease into it.

    I adore your frame and the activities you did were gorgeous!

    I’m enjoying grade four and it’s so cool to have kids who already know a lot! It’s exciting to think where I can take them. At the same time there are kids who will need a lot of literacy support but I think my experience with the juniors will help me with that.

    Sounds like it will be a real learning journey for both of us this year!



    • Hi Kath,

      I think with all new things, there’ll be complaints and it’s just a matter of adjusting. But we got through the whole process (after nearly 2 years!) and it is a fantastic space. It will be interesting if the weather gets to its usual stinking hot days but it’s been alright so far. So, fingers-crossed!

      Thanks – the frame was inspired by one I saw on Pinterest, and I’ll change out the ‘Grade 1’ for ‘Prep’ on Monday. Hoping to put them up on display in the classroom soon.

      I confess – I’m terrified of teaching the older kids! But it would be awesome to have students who know a lot, and I know you’ll do fantastic work with them this year.

      I think change is good – means we have to adjust our thinking/strategies/etc to meet different needs for a different group of students. Mine’s only a slight change, but it’s going to challenge my organisation skills a bit as well. But I like that as teachers (online) we can connect and share those experiences with others!



  2. Sounds like you had a heavenly first day. Tasmanian schools are still on holidays but I have started school thinking mode already. Thats what happens when Twitter and an online PLN start me thinking of what I would like to do in a new school year.

    Love the frame idea and am very intrigued by your backpacks.

    I am guessing that there are very few BER handovers that went smoothly. We are still struggling with some aspects of ours.




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