The Virtual Field Trip(s)

A few weeks ago I posted about a few iPad apps that I’ve used with my Prep class.

On that list I included 2 “virtual tour” style apps – Please Touch the Exhibit (Melbourne Museum) and MSO Learn (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra). I wanted to expand on those a little bit, and add in an extra one that I’ve discovered in the last few days.

photoPlease Touch the Exhibit

This app is a fantastic way to re-live an excursion the Melbourne Museum, or to allow students who may not have the opportunity to visit the museum to view some of it’s most memorable exhibits.

From skeletons and fossils, wild animals, Indigenous culture, and other bits of Victoria’s history, students (and teachers!) can explore high quality photos, simple exhibit captions and a few interactive puzzles along the way.

I used this with my class as part of our Literacy rotations, where students explored the app and then completed a reflection sheet using the prompts:

  • My favourite part…
  • Something I learnt…
  • Something I want to know more about

Just wait until they stumble across the photo of Phar Lap!

photo-1MSO Learn

Earlier this year the Grade 1/2s visited the MSO as part of their Integrated Studies unit. I wish I’d known about this app then, because it would have just added so much to their experience.

There are 3 ways to experience the MSO through this app: by orchestra seat (a great visual representation of the orchestra sections), by musician, and by instruments.

While it is very text-based, it does give an insight into the MSO, and would be great for anyone studying music. When exploring through the “Take Your Seat” option, there are great samples of each instrument.

photo-2Dinosaurs HD

Produced from the American Museum of Natural History’s collection of over 800 archive images, the Dinosaur Mosaic is stunning to look at, and even easier to navigate. Simply pinch and double tap to navigate through each image and it’s associated information. There’s also the option to sort by dinosaur name.

This is an app that I’m planning on sharing with my class this week. It is a paid app (it’s only a few dollars), but very visually appealing. I can’t wait to see the response from my students who love anything to do with dinosaurs. (I’ll probably connect it to my IWB for better effect, rather than the screen of a single iPad.)

I’d love to know if you’ve come across other similar style apps!

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