A few stray thoughts

11949838211786721468lcd_monitor_the_structor_.svg.medThis afternoon I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that the wonderful students in 2KM and 2KJ had nominated my blog for the Best Teacher Blog category for the 2011 Edublog Awards. I have to admit that it’s completely unexpected and kind of came out of left field for me, but it’s certainly a welcome surprise.

Unfortunately, with reports on my brain, Prep Transition, and the possibility of a slight grade change next year I’ve been a bit lax in keeping this blog up-to-date. I’ve been a bit better with The Prep G-5 Blog, though.

I did want to take a bit of time, however, to stop and reflect on my blogging journey so far. It’s been less than 6 months, all up, and I’ve loved every second of it.

A big part of that has been my interactions with 2KM and 2KJ, and their wonderful teachers Kathleen Morris and Kelly Jordan. Both the students and teachers are amazing, inspirational people, and I feel very fortunate to have stumbled across them early in my blogging journal.

In their nomination post on their blog, they mentioned that I’ve helped to support and develop their skills as writers and bloggers… and I could say the same right back at them! They regularly inspire me with their insights and dedication to blogging and connecting to people from all over the world.

This is what blogging is all about.

These are students, Grade 2 students, who already have the whole world at their feet… or should I say, at their fingertips!

No longer do teachers just teacher writing and numeracy… we have the opportunity to teach writing and numeracy BEYOND the classroom. We have free resources that allow us to connect with others – other teachers, other classrooms, other countries. We have an authentic audience that is eager and willing to read and comment and engage with us.

Has blogging changed my philosophy on teaching? Absolutely, yes.

No longer is learning hidden within a classroom. It can be shared, it can spread and change and evolve.

I certainly won’t be going back to being a blog-less teacher!

I look forward to many more learning opportunities, and to many, many more friends and colleagues in the blogosphere!

How has blogging changed you?

7 thoughts on “A few stray thoughts

  1. Hi Stef
    Great post! I think blogging for learning has changed the way I will conduct myself as a teacher. I’m a lot more reflective now and find the art blogging helps me organize my thoughts. I also love connecting with others and having my ideas challenged.

    Congrats on your nomination!



    • @ Steph,


      I agree with you on all your thoughts. There’s a bit push in my school at the moment to ‘reflect’ on their teaching practise (through another model) and there are times when I say to some of the teachers, ‘That’s what I use my blog for,’ and their eyes glaze over. Blogging’s not for everyone, I know, but I think it’s a great tool for organising thoughts, reflecting and sharing.



  2. Stef,

    Thanks so much for writing this lovely post! As I said on Twitter, our kids love calling you their blogging buddy and they think very highly of you!

    I can relate to the glazed over eyes when blogging is mentioned. You’re right, it isn’t for some people but I also would love to see more people give it a go before they judge!

    And another thing to consider is even if teachers aren’t “into” blogging then should they be preventing their students from exploring this social media? I mean, not all teachers are “into” maths but they can’t say they don’t want to involve it in their classrooms.

    On a more positive note, connecting with teachers like you make my job so much more worthwhile and I thank you for it! You are a role model for new teachers!



    • @ Kath,

      You’re most welcome. I’ve loved the experience of blogging with you and your students because it really shows that blogging is not out of the realm for Early Years students. It gives them such great goals to aim for in their writing. I think so highly of your students, as well! You’re a very lucky teacher!

      One of the most exciting possibilities for me next year is the option of teaching our Prep/1 class, which (aside from it’s own challenges) moves me into the Level 2 team where I can hopefully work with the teachers to include a bit more technology and tech tools into the 1/2 classrooms.

      And I agree, just because the teacher isn’t comfortable, doesn’t mean that the students are in the same boat. I’ve seen the evidence of what Preps are capable of with the support of their teacher and parents in terms of blogging. ‘I don’t get it,’ is rapidly becoming a non-excuse in teaching in regards to embedding technology.

      Thank you. That’s a lovely compliment and I appreciate it. The feeling is entirely mutual, and I’ve learnt plenty from both you and Kelly and it means a lot!



  3. Great post Stef, and thanks Kathleen for nominating this blog otherwise I might never have found it.

    @ Kathleen, you that I have been wanting to (trying to find the time to) start a professional blog, but in a way felt a bit silly as a recent grad with a professional blog. But this blog is fantastic to see how it can be so reflective, just as the time teaching with you at Deakin has been reflective as well Kathleen.

    So thanks Kathleen and Stef, a new blog will be on its way (as soon as I get reports out of the way!)



    • Thanks, Áine!

      I think, as recent grads, we’re in a great position to have a go and share what we know and learn as we start teaching. From there we can (hopefully) inspire others to do the same!

      Let me know when you start your blog – I’d love to add it to my Reader list of blogs! (Also, good luck with the reports!)



    • Go for it, Áine!

      Stef is a huge supporter of the 2KM and 2KJ blog (as you know now) which is how we were lucky enough to meet her.

      Can’t wait to see your new blog!


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