Why I Celebrate Halloween

On Friday 28th October, my class celebrated Halloween as “Spooky Friday” in our classroom. (We decided to celebrate the Friday before the actual Halloween because the actual date fell on the day before the Melbourne Cup – and we were planning Melbourne Cup activities.)

Yes, I know I’m Australian, but I’ve always celebrated Halloween with my family and my students had been asking me since the start of Term 4 – and I think it’s important to allow students (especially very young students) the opportunity to have some themed-fun days. It also afforded us a great opportunity to talk about how different countries celebrate different events, and how sometimes those events move all around the world.

Halloween is being a lot more popular in Australia. I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. I know that many of the students at my school were having Halloween parties and going trick-or-treating in groups – and I think that’s brilliant. It’s encouraged a lot of community spirit in our school’s area!

Below you can see some photos of the (very simple) decorations for our classroom – lots of spooky ‘eyes’ watching us from around the room, a giant spiderweb on the floor, Halloween lanterns, and streamers.

There’s also photos of the Prep Pumpkin Patch Portraits that we made and decorated in our own styles!

I hope (those of you who celebrate it) had a wonderful Halloween!

Halloween Decorations on PhotoPeach


Prep Pumpkin Patch Portraits on PhotoPeach


What did you do to celebrate Halloween?

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