Check it off!

Last week, MissSpinkOnTech shared a great way to use Evernote in the classroom. The idea was was pretty simple – create a simple checklist without the hassle of paperwork.

Like so many other teachers, paperwork is part of our daily lives. I, however, am not so great on the paperwork front. I really loved how @MissB6_2 had come up with a simple way to check off when her students returned their readers during the week.

I grabbed onto this idea, because my goal at the moment is to be more organised than I currently am. And with report writing looming (what, you mean I should have started already?!) and a deadline on the Contemporary Literacy Project knocking on the door (this weekend’s project), I needed a better system than I already had. So, I took a leap of faith and launched my first foray into Evernote-usage on the iPad!

It was quite successful and I’m glad I had a go. This is something small that I can continue with for the remainder of the year. And, hopefully, expand on next year!

That’s not to say that my first attempt was perfect… I have since redesigned my checklist so that it’s easier to view across a week.

Checklist Attempt #1, followed by the re-designed table!


photoSince her original post, I’ve had conversations with @MissB6_2 and other members of my PLN on other ways that Evernote could be used to to help eliminate paperwork in the classroom. Some suggestions we’ve come up with include:

  • Checklists for assessment progression points (that could be sent digitally from one teacher to the child’s new teacher the following year)
  • Attendance
  • Checklists for reading behaviours
  • Checklists for behaviour charts

What other ways could we use a tool like Evernote for in the classroom?

6 thoughts on “Check it off!

  1. Hey Stef,

    This post is awesome!!! I love how you created the table! Looks so much better, I will definitely be updating mine!

    I was worried about the table feature in Evernote as I was unsure if you could edit them in the iPad? Would love to know how it is working for you!

    Thanks for the mention! Awesome work!



    • @ Bec,

      The editing function on the iPad for tables is not great at all and once you edit it the table disappears. 😦 Wasn’t happy when I discovered that. If you’re purely using it as a checklist, though, it works fine.

      So, there are pros and cons… in terms of having a very basic checklist to see easily across the page, it works well. That it doesn’t edit on the iPad is frustrating, but I can cope with that. I am hoping that they’ll work on adding the editing of tables to the iPad. Fingers-crossed?



    • @ Mikayla,

      Thank you for leaving me the link to your blog – I’ll save in into my Google Reader so I always get your new posts!

      I’ll head over to your blog and read your reply now.



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  3. I am wondering how to add the check box feature quickly for my entire class list. It seems that it will only add it one box at a time.
    I am sure hoping there is an easy way!!


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