Isabella’s Garden, Pt. 2

Earlier this week I made a post about Isabella’s Garden, a beautiful picturebook written by Glenda Millard, and illustrated by Rebecca Cool.

I also talked about an art activity that I’ve used following a reading of the story, using torn bits of coloured paper to create a landscape image in the season of the students’ choosing. Below, please find examples of students work from 2011.

Isabella's Garden

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I also promised to share a photo of my Book Week Parade costume – Sunday Chutney!
IMG_0237Alas, I cut all my hair off the Saturday prior to the parade, but other than that I was quite happy with my costume!
How was your Book Week? (For those who celebrated it!)

Who would you dress up as for a book parade?

4 thoughts on “Isabella’s Garden, Pt. 2

  1. @ Stef,

    Thanks for sharing the photo! Our students will love to see it. You look great!

    Molly was certainly impressed with the connection she made with you and loved her mention on your blog!

    We’ll look for Isabella’s Garden when we’re in the library next.

    We didn’t have a dress up day for Book Week this year but I think we should next year. Kids love to dress up (and so do some teachers, haha!)



    • @ Kath,

      No worries – I’m always happy to share Book Week love. As I’ve said, it’s one of my favourite events – and despite a bit of pre-parade panicking over costumes, I’m very pleased with my choice for this year!

      As for Molly, I’m glad she enjoyed the mention – it’s only a small thing, but I know it can make someone’s day to know someone’s thinking of you! And, as with all of the 2KM/2KJ students’, her comments were wonderful. It really does prove that it’s worth it to take 5 minutes out of a day to respond to a student (or anyone, really) – because you never know where it will lead!

      Dressing up is always fun – for the whole school. This year’s parade was even bigger than last years’ (which was my first as a teacher!) – nearly every student came dressed up (some classes all chose a character from the same series of books) and so did all the teachers!

      Thanks for your comment,



  2. Hi Stef

    You look great in your costume. Our school is having a dress up day next week to celebrate Bookweek. The children have been encouraged to find some stories set in different countries and bring along a prop that relates to their story.

    Your slideshare of torn paper collage shows some very vibrant colours that remind me of a Spring garden full of colour.

    Mrs S


    • @ Mrs S,

      Hello! Thank you for the compliment!

      And your parade theme sounds wonderful – a great compliment to the “One World, Many Stories” theme. I hope (and am sure that) it will go very well for your students next week!

      When my students were deciding on their season, we talked a lot of about the colours that you might see in a garden during those months – and the favourite month was by far “Spring” – so I’m glad that the vibrant colours translate that to their audience!

      All the best,


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