PLN Challenge #5: Blogs

Screen shot 2011-07-06 at 12.43.33 PMWordle created using Sue Waters’ teacher challenge post (Using Blogs as Part of Your PLN)

I consider myself very lucky to have only had positive experiences when blogging, and I do believe that blogs are a great way to connect to other people who share similar interests, to share ideas and extend knowledge and to become a great resource in professional reflective practise.

As part of the Teacher Challenge, Sue Waters’ has challenged us to think about our tips for building a PLN using blogs, so here are some of mine:

  • Dive in – don’t be afraid to post about the topics that interest you. Share interesting facts, reflection and resources. Include interactives and images (to the degree that you’re comfortable with).
  • Explore other blogs – find people with similar interests, people who inspire you, people who can lead you to interesting and useful resources. Include your favourite blogs in a feed, such as Google Reader, so that you can regularly check for new updates. Exploring blogs will also help you develop your own blogging practise.
  • Comment – engage other bloggers. Learning doesn’t have to be a solitary act, and it’s only through making connections that we can extend what we know. It can be as simple as thanking the blogger for writing their interesting post, to responding to a question or sharing similar (or dissimilar) experiences. Remember to be polite (sounds trite, I know, but a little curtesy goes a long way). Also keep in mind that the more you comment on other people’s blogs, the more likely they are to comment on yours!

So, it’s not a definitive list – but I’m learning, too!

If you think I’m missing something very important, please let me know. Chances are I’ve forgotten it while composing this post, but I’m very open to more ideas!

And… good luck with blogging!

6 thoughts on “PLN Challenge #5: Blogs

  1. Hi Stefanie,

    I like your tips. I agree with you. Teaching can be a solitary thing. We are constantly surrounded by people but not always engaging with other educators as our time is spent with our students. Blogging helps to connect us with others.

    Good luck with your blogging!


    • Thanks, Karen! There’s so many great tools for making connections available now, and blogging has to be one of my favourites.


  2. I like your suggestion to include photos when posting. I always do that on my classroom blog but I really haven’t done it on my personal blog and I should to engage those who learn visually.


    • Thanks! I know I sometimes forget to put a picture or a photo when blogging, but it really does add that little bit extra to a post. Something as simple as a Wordle (like in this post) or finding a photo under a Creative Commons licence does, as you’ve said, engage those visual learners.


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