Welcome to my blog! My name is Stefanie Galvin and I am a prep teacher at Heidelberg Primary School in Victoria. I am in my second year of teaching (second year of prep!) and thoroughly enjoy the challenge.

I’ve used blogs in many different forms for the last ten years, but this is a blog with purpose! I have taken up the challenge of building a PLN and have made a commitment to myself to build and make connections with like-minded individuals all over the world and to learn from their experiences – and from my own!

I am taking the time to learn how to successfully integrated technology (all sorts of technology!) into my classroom to support the learning needs and outcomes of all my students and in this space I hope to share my successes, resources and reflective practice. As I come across great resources and ideas I hope to share them. I also hope to hear from others.

As I continue to build this blog, I hope to add to the pages at the top of the blog to include more information and useful links.

You can subscribe to my blog by entering your email address on the right-hand side of the page and clicking ‘submit.’

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